About me!

Kally (Flynn) DiMarzio, mother of two. Two adorable, slightly neurotic dogs. A life-long Alaskan girl, raised in Juneau, and currently residing in Seward. Photography went from being a hobby to something I fell in love with very quickly when I started traveling alone. I discovered that the view of the world through the lens of a camera was simple and slowed down and found a greater appreciation for each and every moment. I love LOVE. I love LOVE stories. I love adventuring. I love camping. I love trail running with my dogs in the rain. I love fishing. I love going to new places. I love good lighting. I mean like I really love good lighting. I moan when food is good (I love good food). I have a collection of frosting in my freezer and shamelessly eat it by the spoonful, hence the running with my dogs. I really love capturing love and life by way of photography. I'm a collector of moments and choose to see beauty.